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No 63 - July 2010

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At most Ordinary Meetings, Alan Pickup gives a presentation about the sky in the forthcoming month, usually including snippets of recent news in the fields of observational astronomy and spaceflight.

Following the Annual General Meeting on 2010-03-26, the outgoing President gave a presentation on noctilucent cloud. On 2010-05-07, Ross McLure reported on the search for the highest redshift galaxies in the universe, which we see at a time close to when the first stars formed and re-ionised the hydrogen gas of the universe. On 2010-06-04, Alistair Glasse reported on the James Webb Space Telescope, which is to replace the Hubble Space Telescope. The JWST will work in the infrared instead of HST's instruments for visible and UV light.

The re-formed imaging group held further meetings in March and April; it will meet again from September onwards. The group has a Flickr group at, which is used to share images amongst the group, with Society members and with the public. Among the results are images of Venus and Mercury, of Mars and Praësepe, and of the International Space Station and Iridium flares.

The Annual General Meeting elected the following Council of the Society, which took office on 2010-04-01:


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