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No 62 - March 2010

International Astronomical Youth Camp

The International Astronomical Youth Camp (IAYC) 2010 will take place in the small town of Klingenthal in the East of Germany from 1st to 21st August 2010. Klingenthal (9,000 inhabitants) lies in the region called "Vogtland" which forms the geographical border between the two German federal states Bavaria and Saxony. The nearest large towns in the surrounding are Hof in Bavaria (45 km), Plauen in Saxony (30 km) and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic (40 km). The camp house itself will be a very pleasant youth hostel called "Jugendherberge Aschberg", right on the border with the Czech Republic (5 m).

The IAYC is an international youth camp with participants from about 20 different countries. As a participant you work for three weeks in one of the 7 working groups - together with other young people - on astronomical projects. The projects vary from night-time observations to theoretical problems, depending on your own interests. The working groups will be led by young scientists from the IAYC team. The IAYC 2010 will offer a wide range of working groups and topics, ranging from practical astronomy and basic theoretical astronomy over simulations in astronomy and electronic-robotronic engineering to high energy astrophysics, astrochemistry and not-so-introductory physics. There will be something for everyone from the complete beginner to the ambitious student.

As well as the astronomical program, there are many non-astronomical activities such as group games, sporting events, singing evenings, hiking tours and an excursion. Since it is an international camp, the camp language is English. You should be able and willing to speak English throughout the camp. It is not necessary to speak English fluently.

Anyone from 16 to 24 years old and able to communicate in English may participate in the IAYC 2010. The fee for accommodation, full board and the whole program, including the excursion, will be €620. However, early applications arriving before April 15th 2010 receive a €30 reduction, making the camp fee €590. For interested persons who are in the situation of not being able to pay the camp fee themselves, a limited number of grants is available.

Detailed information about IAYC 2010 has been made available at If you have any questions or wish to be notified when more information becomes available, please contact:

Ondrej Urban
28 Oktobra 43/21
91101 Trencin
tel.: +421 903 885628


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