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No 57 - September 2008

Society news

For the 2008-06-06 meeting Horst Meyerdierks stepped in at short notice with a talk on digital image processing. On the night it turned out that there was no electricity in the City Dome so that President, speaker, and audience had to squeeze around the telescope pillar in the central room of the Playfair Building. On 2008-07-04 the speaker was Karen Moran, librarian at the Royal Observatory and in charge of the priceless Crawford Collection of old and precious astronomical publications, which makes the ROE library one of the five foremost astronomical libraries in the world. Her talk tied some of these treasures in with the history of astronomy.

The situation with the Calton Hill observatory has turned for the worse again. The City has to be praised for fixing the lead roof of the Playfair building. And with the renovation of the Astronomer's House progressing there is hope that the buildings we use will get their turn sometime. However, the thieves and burglars have been back several times, and we had to have some emergency repairs done for weather protection and had to remove valuable items from Calton Hill altogether.

At the time of writing the Council of the Society is still considering the options and preparing a report to Members for further discussion. Danny Gallacher has initially summarised the issue for the Council. Among the needs of the Society are primarily an adequate venue for the monthly meetings and for council meetings, with an observatory and a library as secondary needs. In the meantime the City Council has carried out emergency repairs and stepped up security on Calton Hill.

Your Editor was unable to attend the meeting on 2008-08-01, where members of the Society will have presented some of their activities.


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