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No 57 - September 2008

Kielder Forest autumn star camp

The 6th Kielder Forest Star Camp will be staged over five nights from 29 October to 2 November 2008 in the spectacular Border countryside between England and Scotland. The event is being staged by the Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society, which has been formed to exploit an exciting new £480,000 observatory built 1270 feet above England's remotest village and which is now fully operational.

The Star Camp will be based at Kielder campsite and for the fifth year in succession we have kept pitch fees at £12 per night with an electric hook-up and £10 without (per pitch). There's also a minimum two night stay and fees must be paid up front.

The main day will be on Saturday 1 November at the 18th century Kielder Castle. We will have top speakers and a full line-up of the nation's leading astronomy vendors. Activities on the main day will be free of charge.

Details and a booking form can be found at For further information contact me at < starcamp @ >, or call 01226-246.351. We hope to see you under Kielder's dark sky!

Richard Darn,
Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society


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