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No 56 - June 2008

Perseids 2008

Delighted to see SAG getting back to its roots! Might I start the ball rolling project-wise with a quick reminder of this August's Perseids? SAG has excellent previous on this shower, particularly from 1977-1983, and Scottish observers have continued to contribute really valuable results to the BAA Meteor Section into the 2000s. However, we can always use more observers!

Circumstances for the shower aren't too bad in 2008. Activity starts in late July, and during the relatively moonless first 10-12 days of August, it should be possible to get good watches in as the rates climb. Peak will be around Aug 12d 09h UT, if all runs to the pattern of recent previous years. This means that Aug 11-12 (a Monday-Tuesday) will probably be the most productive night, though 12-13 and 13-14 will also be good. The Moon is a waxing gibbous by maximum, but sets around 23h 20m local time on August 11 (later, of course, on the subsequent nights). So, on the best night, there's plenty of dark sky, especially later in the night when the radiant is climbing higher. I'd strongly encourage SAG observers to think about giving it a go this August - and, of course, let me have your results! Now's a good time to start planning observing runs. More details can be found on the BAA web-pages:

Neil Bone
Director, BAA Meteor Section

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