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No 55 - March 2008

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comet 17P/Holmes
Comet 17P/Holmes on 2007-11-11, photographed with an f = 400 mm f/6.3 lens. This is a stack of four frames of 2 min exposure each, the field is about 1.5°. A stack of dark frames and a bilinear sky background have been subtracted, removing the sodium glare of the city. (Photograph by Horst Meyerdierks.)


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Astronomical Society of Edinburgh - Annual General Meeting


Astronomical Society of Edinburgh - Annual Report for 2007

UN declares Year of Astronomy

Scottish Astronomers Group - reincarnated

UK astronomy in funding crisis

John Christopher Bartholomew, MA. FRSGS. FRSE.

Book review: The lost language of the stars

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Asteroid "Harryford" 6907

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