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No 54 - November 2007

ASE questionnaire

First of all may I thank all who took the time to fill in and return the Members Questionnaire. You have given us important information that will help to improve how we run the Society and where you see the priority improvements that must be made. Eighteen completed forms were returned and the data contained brings out some interesting facts along with a lot of worthwhile suggestions. As you will see in the analysis, the Council will have to discuss the responses you have made to several of the questions. Namely:

As you know the fabric of the building is the responsibility of the Edinburgh City Council, and is therefore outside of the Society's direct control. However, the Society are pressing Edinburgh City Council as much as possible to get these much needed repairs done. Most of the remainder of the suggestions are fairly straightforward, and where appropriate we will attempt to implement - Finance permitting. Once again let me thank everyone who took part in the Survey.

link to questionnaire The questionnaire analysis is attached as a PDF file, which requires a PDF viewer like xpdf or Acroread. Alternatively, select the small image for a legible JPG version.

Danny Gallacher


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