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No 54 - November 2007

Forthcoming events

2007-11-02 20:00 Ordinary meeting
Andrew Elliot, BAA
Real time video astronomy
2007-11-05 20:00 Observing group
2007-12-07 20:00 Ordinary meeting
Lyn Smith, BAA Solar Section Director
Observing the Sun in white light and hydrogen alpha
2007-12-10 20:00 Observing group
2008-01-11 20:00 Ordinary meeting
John Braithwaite
Adventures of a telescope maker
2008-01-14 20:00 Observing group
2008-02-01 20:00 Ordinary meeting
TBD, British Geological Survey
The Earth's magnetic field
2008-02-04 20:00 Observing group
2008-03-07 20:00 Ordinary meeting
Prof Andrew Collier Cameron, St. Andrews University
The search for extra solar planets
2008-03-10 20:00 Observing group
2008-03-21 20:00 Annual General Meeting

Ordinary meetings are open to the public. We are always happy to see new faces. Ordinary meetings, observing group meetings and the Annual General Meeting take place at the City Observatory, Calton Hill, Edinburgh. Changes to our meeting arrangements may be put on the website and on the answering machine at the observatory (0131-556.4365).


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