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No 53 - July 2007

Recent observations

Lunar eclipse

Many observed the total eclipse of the Moon on 2007-03-03. The picture on the front page was taken by Martin Allan, using approximately 5 s exposure.

Old and young Moon

old Moon and earth shine

Horst Meyerdierks was hoping to take a picture of the Moon on the morning of 2007-04-16, just over a day before New Moon. The season - early autumn - was ideal, as was the latitude only 1° from the tropic of Capricorn. However, he was clouded out on Cerro Paranal. The picture shows the lunar crescent and earth shine one day earlier, taken with a stationary f = 800 mm f/12.6 lens and 2 s exposure.

Frank Howie used the favourable conditions - early spring - to picture the young Moon on the evening of 2007-04-18, from less exotic Morningside. He used a tracking D = 200 mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

young Moon


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Solar observing

More on cooling the Earth

Minor planet (7170) Livesey

Recent observations


Two BAA meetings in Scotland

Glen Lyon weekend 16-18 March 2007

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