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No 53 - July 2007

Minor planet (7170) Livesey

Congratulations go to Ron Livesey, who has had an asteroid named after him. It was discovered and named by Robert McNaught (of comet fame) at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia, and its number is 7170.

7170 Livesey - Discovered 1987 June 30 by R.H. McNaught at Siding Spring.
Ron Livesey (b. 1929) has had a major influence on amateur astronomy, particularly in his native Scotland. He has been a key figure in organizing astronomical societies and observational programs, particularly of aurorae. [2]

Minor planets (asteroids, small solar system bodies) with confirmed orbits are given a number, and most are later officially given a name proposed by the discoverer. They are then referred to by using their number in parentheses followed by the name, e.g. (1) Ceres, (7170) Livesey, or (134340) Pluto. The parentheses are often omitted. Until the orbits are confirmed, they are known by provisional names. Livesey has provisional names 1987 MK and 1978 PU4. The former reflects its discovery in the 13th fortnight (letter M) of the year 1987, the latter designation implies that it had also been spotted in mid 1978.

(7170) Livesey completes an orbit every 4.43 yr, with a mean distance from the Sun of 2.7 AU, an eccentricity of 0.18 and an inclination of 12.5° against the ecliptic. Its diameter is estimated to be 9 km. [2]

(Ron) Livesey was Director of the Aurora Section of the British Astronomical Association for 23 years before he stepped down in 2006. He is a frequent contributor to ASE meetings as well as this Journal, and a keen observer of, for example, nocticulent clouds, Sun, Moon and variable stars (aurorae go without saying).



Horst Meyerdierks, Dave Gavine


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