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No 52 - March 2007

From the editor

This issue includes the paperwork that the Society sends to each member prior to the Annual General Meeting. In the following pages you find the Secretary's letter detailing the agenda and nominations for Council, the minutes of last year's AGM, and the Annual Report for 2006 with the accounts and the examiner's report on the accounts. The Annual Report is also available separately - as PDF or paper copy. I should like to thank the Council of the Society for making it possible to include this material in the Journal. Their schedule is quite packed at this time of year with the financial year ending on 31 December and the AGM having to be held before April.

Some members might want to help saving a tree and opt out of receiving a paper copy altogether. If the web version is good enough for you and you don't want to have to throw away the paper copy, then let me know. One suggestion following the last issue has been to alert members by email when the new issue is available on the web site. The Society records show email addresses for just over half the members, but some of these will be out of date - I know mine is. If you have an email address, perhaps you could just confirm it again to the Society, either the Secretary or myself.

With the previous issue, I sent a questionnaire that the Secretary and Council had prepared in order to canvass views of members. Some people who picked up the Journal paper copy at the December meeting may not have got the questionnaire. You can fill in the questionnaire on the web. To avoid hackers and spammers making use of this opportunity, the web location is not published on the web, except in this obfuscated form here: < http : // www . astronomyedinburgh . org / feedback >. Just leave out all the blanks. Once you have the form in your web browser, you can also download a PDF file and print your own paper copy to fill in.

Horst Meyerdierks
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Annual General Meeting - March 16th 2007

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on March 17th 2006

Astronomical Society of Edinburgh - Annual Report for 2006

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