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No 51 - December 2006

Recent observations

Noctilucent cloud

Horst Meyerdierks observed noctilucent clouds on June 30/31 and on July 12/13.

Aurora has an image of aurora over Culloden on September 23.

Comet SWAN

Comet C/2006 M4 SWAN was observed by Horst Meyerdierks and Russell Eberst during October. At about 6 mag in early to mid October it was considerably brighter than the ephemerides predicted. Towards the end of October it had an outburst and was brighter than 5 mag.

Site testing

A group around Danny Gallacher tested a dark site south of West Calder. The conditions were not too good with patches of thin cloud all over, and the Moon rising, soon followed by mist. The site is used by day by a model aircraft flying club. It therefore has good parking and tarmac runways where we could set up our telescopes.


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