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No. 49 - October 2005

Forthcoming events

All meetings are held at the City Observatory, Calton Hill, normally on the first Friday of the month, at 8pm.

2005-11-04 20:00 Bob Marriott, Director of the Instruments and Imaging Section, BAA
The Barwell meteorite
2005-12-02 20:00 Brian Kelly, former City Astronomer, Mills Observatory, Dundee
From the Sun to the outposts of the universe - the life of George Ellery Hale
2006-01-06 20:00 Roger Stapleton, University of St Andrews
The instruments at St Andrews University Observatory, past and present
2006-02-03 20:00 Melvyn Taylor, Variable Star Section, BAA
Blinking stars
2006-03-03 20:00 speaker to be arranged
probably a topic on radio astronomy
2006-03-17 20:00 Annual General Meeting

In addition there will be open evenings for members and the public every night from Nov 13-19 for observing Mars, also on Dec 16, Jan 20, Feb 17 and Mar 17.


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