Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 46

Some Recent Observations

Meteors : Dave Gavine saw 13 Quadrantids and 3 Sporadics on January 3/4. There were no bright events.

Aurora : Ron Livesey's magnetometer picked up several disturbances and storms but very few aurorae have been seen, much less than expected. Dave saw displays from Joppa on Feb 9/10, Mar 29/30 & 30/31 and Apl 23/24 and July 26/27, all quite active with rays but they faded after only a few minutes.

Lorna, Horst and others have been making full use of the hydrogen-alpha solar telescope to record prominences on as many occasions as possible, while Ron continues sunspot counts.

Variable stars : Lorna, Dave, Des and Ron are now keeping an eye on some 50 variable stars, mostly irregulars and semiregulars. The fade of R CrB is described elsewhere.

The Transit of Mercury was well seen by many of our members, we got about an hour of reasonable sky on the morning of May 7 but missed the 3rd contact before clouds rolled in. Nobody saw the eclipse of the Moon on May 16 - cloudy again.

First reports from our members who ventured into the far North to see the annular eclipse of the Sun on the early morning of May 31 indicate that it was moderately successful : more in our next issue.

Noctilucent Cloud was seen at Joppa on June 8/9, 23/24, 24/25, July 3/4, 8/9, 12/13, 14/15, 18/19, 26/27 and 27/28.