Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 46

From the Former President

I have greatly enjoyed my extended term as President of the ASE, largely due to the excellent support of the officers and members of the council. Whilst it was a lot of fun and for me, a novel experience, it did involve a lot of time consuming work which I found to be manageable - in the short term.

It is worth remembering therefore, that there are posts within the ASE which have no time limit of service such as the Treasurer and Secretary. Secretary of the ASE for many years, Graham Rule, has stuck to what can at times be a thankless task and during my Presidency has always been there to research and advise no matter how ticklish the problem.

So too, the editor of "The Journal", Dr Dave Gavine gives of his time to cajole members into contributing to the Society's mouthpiece and record. Dave recently gave me to read a folder containing all the past editions of the Journal from the very first issue to the present day and I found them to contain a wealth of information as well documenting the ongoing history of our Society. "The Journal" is also, I believe, the longest continuously produced publication of any astronomical society. The Journal can be held up as a fine example of the effort put in by members who quietly give freely of their time to the benefit the ASE.

Officers and Councillors give up a lot of time to the running of the Society and I would like to acknowledge their efforts and give them a well deserved (virtual) pat on the back.

Also worthy of special mention is Alan Pickup, who has very generously prepared a short presentation each month to keep the Society well informed of forthcoming interest in the heavens and thanks too to Russell Eberst who stands in when Alan is unavailable.

Finally, as I return to more practical amateur astronomy, the presidency has passed to the safe hands of Dave King and I wish Dave well in his role as President of the ASE and hope he finds his term as exciting as I did.

Lorna McCalman