The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh

Journal 46 - August 2003

Cover Picture - Dave Gavine with his medal

Dave Gavine
Latest recipient of the Lydia Brown medal
of the British Astronomical Association
(See page 10)

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From the President - Dave King 2
Astronomy News 3
"The Mystery of the Moon Illusion" by Helen Ross and Cornelius Plug (Book Review) 4
Yet Another Edinburgh Astronomer of the Past 5
Some Recent Observations 5
The Recent Fade of R Coronae Borealis 6
A Wee Bit About Nora Jenkinson 7
Philip's Mars Observer's Guide 7
Mars Opposition - August 2003 8
BAA Honours Dave Gavine 10
From the Former President - Lorna McCalman 11

Published by
The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
City Observatory, Calton Hill, Edinburgh
for circulation to members

Editor: Dr Dave Gavine
29 Coillesdene Crescent, Edinburgh
Assistant Editor: Graham Rule