Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 45

The Society's Library

The Society subscribes to a wide selection of Astronomical magazines. But there doesn't seem to be much evidence that these are being used by members.

This may be because the Library is split in two - books in the City Dome and magazines in the "Library" in the Playfair building. Or maybe the desk in the library has been too cluttered with bits and pieces. Or perhaps the magazines are just not needed (members have their own copies or we just have the wrong selection).

The Council will be reviewing our journal selection in the New Year as around £20 each month is spent on these magazines. So your Librarian's New Year Resolution will be to have, for the end of each meeting, a desk free of clutter with just the latest magazines and recent book purchases. Please give us your comments about our purchases.

Here is a selection of recent acquisitions:

Chosing books to buy is largely at the Librarian's discretion so may not adequately reflect the full range of members' interests. If you have suggestions of particular books or topics then please let me know.

The computerised version of the Library Catalogue is nearing completion. This should allow members to locate books more easily and will allow us to move duplicate copies (and some frankly uninteresting books) into storage; which should give a much tidier appearance.

Graham Rule