Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 44

Observing Report

Yes, it has been another miserable year. The Perseids, Leonids and most other meteor showers were a wash-out. Weather for the Geminids was hardly better. On the night of 12/13 December Dave Gavine saw 16 meteors in ¾ hour before freezing fog came in - the maximum on the following night was overcast.

A great aurora occurred on the night of April 11/12, the whole sky covered in pulsating light, with long bright red and green coronal rays. Lorna McCalman got some excellent photographs.

Unfortunately all Scotland was clouded over (again!) on the night of the huge aurora Oct 21/22, when brilliant red rays were seen up to 50° by Neil Bone in Chichester and by observers in Cornwall and Devon. But another brilliant display of red and white coronal rays was caught by Dave Gavine in the early hours of Nov 5/6. Smaller aurorae were seen on Aug 17/18 and 27/28, Oct 11/12 and 22/23, Nov 6/7 and 15/16.

Noctilucent Clouds were seen on June 9/10, 24/25 (the brightest) and 27/28, July 22/23 and 27/28, Aug 5/4 and 10/11, by Dave, Lorna, Graham Rule, Ron Livesey and others.

Many of us watched the fine occultation of Saturn by the Moon on Nov 3/4. The good news is that there will be a few more planetary occultations this season. Jupiter on Jan 26 at 1752 (a graze), Feb 23 at 0247; Saturn on Apr 16 at 2046 and on May 14 at 0641. Times and details are in the BAA Handbook in the Library.