Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 42

Popular Geology Class

Dr Dave Gavine intends to run another Popular Geology class at the Jewel and Esk Valley College (Milton Road campus). It will run for 8 weeks on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00, beginning on 23 October. Cost: about £38, half price for the more "mature".

Content: minerals, rocks and how they are formed, plate tectonics, erosion, strata & use of fossils, geological history of Britain. No previous knowledge needed beyond basic science, no "hard sums", exams or tests. Field trip if weather permits. Free handouts.

Dave hopes also to run a Popular Meteorology class, beginning Monday 8th January 2001.

See Dave or phone him at 657 2338, or enrol beforehand at the College. Harry Sutherland (a member of ASE) is Senior Lecturer in charge of evening classes. His number at the College is 657 7284.