Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 40

The Solar Eclipse of August 11 1999

Some went to Cornwall ...

Darkness in Truro

Maurice, Dave, kenny and friends in the dark at Truro, but no sun

Dave Gavine, Maurice Frank, Debbie Geddes, Kenny Laidlaw, Bill Ward, Vincent Balfour, Jamie Shepherd, Dorothy Mackie and her family all went to Cornwall. Those on the SRPS train (a sleepless 13-hour journey and the same back) were elated as they crossed Devon in the early morning - a fine starry sky with Jupiter, but alas, at Penzance a golden dawn was quickly followed by clouds moving in from the west. Some of us headed back to Truro where the sky was better but the clouds soon followed. A brief glimpse of the thin crescent sun before and after was all we got - and the eerie dark greenish blue of the clouds as the daylight was turned off as if by a dimmer switch. Street lights came on and the seagulls went berserk, then up went the daylight again about a minute later. Still, Truro is a fine small city to explore, even in the rain, with a fine cathedral, decent cafes and lots of interesting shops.

Dave Gavine