Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 39

OBITUARY - David Charles Todd AIB

We are very sorry to report the death of Mr Todd in Carlisle on April 21. He was born in Carlisle in 1923 but regarded himself as a Scotsman and always wore the kilt. He started work at the Westminster Bank but in 1942 he was in the branch in Liverpool near the docks when it was hit by an enemy bomb. He was trapped in the rubble for three days before being rescued, and as a result suffered lung damage which plagued him on and off. Sometimes he was seriously ill but his fighting spirit always brought him back to full vigour. However, he was in declining health in his latter years. He came to Edinburgh and joined our Society, but left for Carlisle some years ago to be near his ailing mother. He was a member of the Council, Vice-President in 1982-83 but declined the Presidency. He acted as Secretary and Treasurer of the ASE Trustees who have looked after the substantial legacy the Society received from John Henry Lorimer in 1938, and as the Auditor of our accounts, declining to take any fees or expenses for both duties. We are very much indebted to him and regret his passing.