Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 38

Society News

The first thing I have to do here is apologise for the late appearance of this edition of the Journal. Dave Gavine gave me most of the material over six weeks ago and it has taken me until now to get it ready for printing. On the other hand I hope that you will agree with me that the new 'Desktop Publishing' look was, almost, worth the wait. An on-line copy of this edition is also on our Society Web Pages at so it will get a slightly larger readership than before.

In his piece at Alan mentions the exhibition of Meteorites "Rocks from Space" to be held during the festival at the Observatory. Jamie Shepherd and Duncan Johnstone have put in an enormous effort and have come up with a truly spectacular display that is well worth a visit. It is open from noon until 5pm until August 31st so try to get up an see it - and tell all your friends about it, of course.

Even if you can't make it during the festival the exhibition will be kept in place until our Open Day on 26th September. This has been planned to coincide with the Doors Open Day run by the Cockburn Association so we hope to have a lot of visitors that day who may look round the Playfair Building, view the exhibition, and (if they are interested) hear some short talks on astronomy by members of the Society in the City Dome. If you feel like volunteering to give one of these small talks please get in touch with Jamie (or Duncan, who is assisting him in arranging the event).

Recent meetings have included our Members' Night (thanks to Russell, Charlie, Maurice, Duncan and Jamie for their contributions). In April we were privileged to hear from Dr M Gadsden about "Noctilucent Clouds" and in May our former President, Dr John Reid told us about some interesting people involved in discovering comets in his talk on "The Comet Men". June saw our annual Quiz Night and Cheese and Wine event (which the ROE won by a very small margin), while Dave Gavine told us the story of "Thomas Henderson - First Astronomer Royal for Scotland" in July.

Forthcoming meetings are in your Syllabus Card but to summarise: September 4th is a discussion on light pollution with Mr. Campbell of the City Council's Lighting Department. In October we will welcome back Storm Dunlop who will speak on Astronomy and Meteorology and in November Professor Bernard Roberts of St.Andrews University will be our guest.

Graham Rule