Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 38

Recent Observations

Unfortunately we have suffered more than the rest of Britain from prolonged East coast haar, cloud and rain, especially in May and June, so observations have been few and far between.

Aurora: On May 2/3 2240-0130 UT a brightening homogeneous arc was seen at Joppa, it became an active rayed band with faint rays at 2355. It was best seen as a fine rayed band in the clear skies of Bute by Lorna McCalman. Faint light was seen the following night.

Noctilucent Cloud: A poor season so far because of cloud. John Bartholomew, Dave Gavine and Jamie Shepherd saw a moderate but low display on June 16/17, a faint NLC appeared on 17/18, but on 26/27 a spectacular show of strong bright billows up to 60 was watched by John, Dave, Lorna, Alan Ellis and Graham Rule until it clouded over at 2310. NLC were also seen in cloud gaps on July 9/10, 23/24 and August 3/4