Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
Journal 38

Eric George Crisp

An Appreciation

We are very sorry to have to report the passing in April of Eric Crisp at the great age of 96. Eric was always so robust that we expected him to make the century, but it was not to be. Unbelievably he was still cycling, but had an accident around November and this led to his decline in health. He was our oldest member and one of the longest serving, having joined our Society in 1946. But he had to return to London in 1950, and came back to Edinburgh in 1961 when he re-joined. He was also the second longest serving member of the BAA, having joined it in 1922. He became a member of our Council in 1969 and served as President 1973-75. He was not only an assiduous attender at our meetings until shortly before his death but was a regular supporter at the Scottish Astronomy Weekends.

Eric's interest began through his Geography master at school and he was one of the few people to have seen Halley's Comet twice: he saw it in 1910 when he was eight. In 1986 he went to Tenerife with the Explorers' Travel Club to see it again in a decent sky. The previous year he made a tour of Western American Observatories with the Club. He described his adventures in our Journal No.21.

It was unfortunate that the intimation of his death appeared in the press on the day of his funeral so that no representatives from the Society could attend, but we all miss Eric and send condolences to his family and friends.