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Telescopes etc.
Telescopes etc.

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Mar 4th
20:00, ASE, Church Centre, AUC
Prof James Dunlop, Royal Observatory Edinburgh
First light
After the Big Bang the universe expanded and cooled, and for a while there was only darkness. But then gravity caused the most dense regions of the universe to collapse and form the first stars and galaxies. In this talk Prof Dunlop will describe how recent advances in observational astronomy, especially the refurbishment of the Hubble Space Telescope, have enabled us to look back in time to within 500 million years of the Big Bang, and directly observe the emergence of the first galaxies. He will also explain how the next generation of facilities, including the long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope, can be expected to shed new light on how today's highly-structured and beautiful Universe emerged from the initial chaos of creation.